Subject 13 walkthrough

Subject 13 Walkthrough guide

So, big spoiler. But figure you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need help.
This walkthrough for Subject 13 is under construction, while I’m playing the game.

I’ll start to add things that I had some problems with and later add additional information, starting at Walktrough, Subject 13, Chapter 2

Walktrough, Subject 13 Chapter 1

Third part

You will need the prism that’s on the right side of the control panel.

Walktrough, Subject 13 Chapter 2

First part

The flower gives you a liquid that can be stored in a jar. The jar lid will open if you tap the bottom a couple of times.
The mushroom and magnifier (liquid and jar) will give you fire. Use it at the brambles.
Chili and perfume bottle will go hand in hand.
The vanity case will open by the code the round plate will supply you with. Number the color of the rainbow (6237).
It was quite complex moving those bricks around but I finaly got it, didn’t take notes.

Second part

Icebox and found key, goes hand in hand
Found bag and candle will go hand in hand

Buddha shrine

Look at the pattern of the wheels in the image for hint how to reach both testimony and candle in the buddha shrine.
BuddhaWrench, copper wire, battery, needle is a good combination.
Coke, knife, knife to cork, cork and needle. Combined in the bucket.

Have the flashlight lit in the dark cabin.

Move the pipes until they form a row, play the instrument.


Adjust the lock on the trunk to match the key found in the instrument.

Use the fishingrod at the water to fish up anchor.

Knife and notebook works

Third Part

Broken bridge

The obtained anchor at the broken bridge works.


Here are images of where all the testimonies where found in Chapter 2.

Walktrough, Subject 13 Chapter 3

The eye seems to fit in the bowl

Use the obtained crank handle at the monkey figurines in the middle.

Jeee… this one took time to figure out. So.. mounth monkey is number 67, the ear is 38 and the eye…… phew 349.

crank1 crank2And in the last, there is classic minesweep to end it all 😉